Folk group Rokytka

Romana Šlapáková founded The Small Folk Group consisting of dancers of the Dance Group Rokytka in 1987. It plays in traditional Bohemian bagpipe grouping: 2 bagpipes, 3-4 violins, 2 clarinets, bass, occasionally flutes and folk music instruments e.g. vozembouch or fanfrnoch.

The band has cooperated with Sluníčko and Rokytí since its origin, but it also performs separately. The Folk Group strongly contributed to winning of the prestigious title Laureát of the Internetional Folklore Festival in Strážnice (1998) for the children dance group from Rokycany. The double part of musician-dancers in the first staging of the Story of Musicians by Václav Bárta and Zdeněk Vejvoda was especially highly appreciated.

Repertoire of the band consists of songs and dances from the regions of Rokycany, Pilsen, Domažlice (Chodsko) and the south of Bohemia. The Folk Group together with dancers or alone have taken part in more then 200 public performances in 10 countries all over Europe and Asia. In 1990 Zdeněk Vejvoda became the artistic leader, who also arranges the folk songs.

Malá lidová muzika Rokytka